Check out the trailer & poster for Itao Itsuji's "Gekkou no Kamen"

October 18, 2011 @ 9:00 pm
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On Monday, the official website for the much-discussed, upcoming movie "Gekkou no Kamen", starring Itao Itsuji, Asano Tadanobu, and Ishihara Satomi, was finally launched along with a film poster and a first trailer.

"Gekkou no Kamen", which already screened at the '35th Montreal World Film Festival' in August, was directed and written by Itao Itsuji himself. Itao was inspired by the classic rakugo story "Sokotsu Nagaya", but he included a lot of his own peculiar world view when he wrote the screenplay.

The story is about a bandaged, unrecognizable soldier (Itao) with amnesia, who returns back home and unknowingly takes over the place of another soldier and rakugo story teller called 'Morinoya Usagi', who was killed in action. However, soon the real 'Morinoya Usagi' (Asano) arrives back home, causing quite the stir and confusion between the two of them,the people living in this village, and the group of rakugo story tellers, including a young woman played by Ishihara.

In the poster, we can see Itao with his bandaged face and Asano right next to each other. It almost looks as if we are seeing the same person twice, on the left side with bandages and on the right side without. The trailer will show you that at least the villagers believed that they are facing the real 'Morinoya Usaki' and gave him a warm welcome.

You can check out the trailer below!


Source + Poster + Trailer: Cinema Today


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