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Posted by konitan0 pt Wednesday, October 12, 2011

[Exclusive] MIYAVI talks about his upcoming North & South American tour + Video Message!


Rock star MIYAVI is busily preparing for his second North and South American tour, �WHAT�S MY NAME? WORLD TOUR 2011 -NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA CIRCUIT-�, but he recently took the time to sit down for an interview with tokyohive!

We had the�opportunity�to chat with MIYAVI online and asked about his upcoming tour, his involvement with Tohoku disaster relief efforts, his trademark "guitar-slap" style, and more.

Check out his video message to tokyohive readers below, as well as the full interview!



TKH: Are the preparations for your upcoming North & South America tour going well?

MIYAVI: yeh, it's all good as u kno! ;)


TKH: What kind of concept or style will you have for the North & South America tour? Are you planning to collaborate with a few artists, such as local or international groups?

MIYAVI: basically same style as the last europe tour.

i just played w/ 30 seconds to mars on their japan tour.
collaboration w/ another artist provides u a nu experience.
i welcome n would luv 2 do sum thing w/ a local artist.
lemme kno if u have great idea of artist. ;)

[ It will basically be in the same style as the last European tour. ]

[ I just played with 30 Seconds to Mars on their Japan tour. A collaboration with another artist provides you with a new experience. I welcome and would love to do something with a local artist, so let me know if you have a great suggestion for one ;) ]


TKH: How did you feel about the world tour in Europe being scheduled right after the earthquake and tsunami disaster struck Japan?

MIYAVI: 2 b honest, i was so confused.

but i did wat i shudve done n it was def a rite choice. we cooperated with the red cross in every single country 2 raise money 4 the disaster areas. we dedicated silent moments for the victims at every single place. we also uploaded a bunch of pray 4 japan shout out pix n vids by my sweet ppl. now we just shud continue doin wat we can as well.

[ To be honest, I was so confused.

But I did what I should have done and it was definitely the right choice. We cooperated with the Red Cross in every single country [we toured] to raise money for the disaster areas. We dedicated a moment of silence for the victims at every stop, and my sweet people also uploaded a bunch of 'Pray For Japan' shoutout pictures and videos. Now we should continue doing what we can as well.]


TKH: To help the disaster-stricken areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, you auctioned off a guitar to help out the Red Cross. What inspired you to choose a guitar? Could you tell us a special memory about that guitar?

MIYAVI: the idea 2 auction off the guitar came up when i heard the project that EMI was doin globally. its the one i was takin on my 1st world tour w/ Kabuki Boiz in 2008. so this guitar has bin through the strugglin process i was struggling 2 build my style.

[The idea to auction off the guitar came up when I heard about the global project EMI Music was doing. [This guitar] was the same one I took on my first world tour with the Kabuki Boiz back in 2008, so it's been through the process with me as I struggled to build my style.]


TKH:� Your world tour give you the opportunity to see your global popularity. How does it make you feel whenever you see your international fans cheering you on?

MIYAVI:: like friends, lovers, brothers, n family. i'll rock the whole world 4 em.

[Like they're my friends, lovers, brothers, and family. I'll rock the whole world for them.]


TKH: Your slap guitar style is very unique, how did you create that style and how long did it take to master it?

MIYAVI: I kinda got influenced by a bunch of bass players such as Marcus Miller, Larry Graham, Louis Johnson. it takes, like, forever, cuz im still not mastered yet.

[I kind of got influenced by a bunch of bass players, such as Marcus Miller, Larry Graham, and Louis Johnson. It takes, like, forever, so I still haven't mastered it yet.]


TKH: What is your personal motto?

MIYAVI: Life is a constant learning process.


TKH: Do you sing a lullaby for your kids?

MIYAVI: yeh, but i fall asleep before em while singing 2 em tho.

[ Yeah, but I fall asleep before them when I sing to them though. ]


TKH: Please send a message to your fans and readers on tokyohive!

MIYAVI: yo everyone who's addicted 2 tokyohive, lets high five on my upcoming tour in north & south america!!!!!� promise 2 rock y'all out!!!!!!!!!


MIYAVI's North and South American tour is about a week away, so be sure to purchase your tickets as soon as possible at LIVENATION.COM. Also, be sure to leave your suggestions for local collaborations in the comment box below for MIYAVI to check out!




Date + City: October 20th || San Francisco, California
Venue: Slims

Date + City: October 21st || Los Angeles, California
Venue: House of Blues

Date + City: October 23rd || Portland, Oregon
Venue: Hawthorne Theatre

Date + City: October 24th || Seattle, WA
Venue: Showbox

Date + City: October 28th || Chicago, Illinois
Venue: House of Blues

Date + City: October 30th || Toronto, Ontario
Venue: Phoenix Concert Theatre

Date + City: October 31st || New York, New York
Venue: Irving Plaza

Date + City: November 2nd || Washington, DC
Venue: 9:30 Club

Date + City: November 4th || Atlanta, Georgia
Venue: The Loft

Date + City: November 5th || Orlando, Florida
Venue: The Club at Firestone

Date + City: November 7th || Houston, Texas
Venue: Scout Bar

Date + City: November 8th || Dallas, Texas
Venue: Trees


Date + City: November 10th || Caracas, Venezuela
Venue: Centro Internacionale de Exposiciones

Date + City: November 12th || Lima, Peru
Venue: Centro Convenciones Scencia

Date + City: November 15th || Buenos Aires, Argentina
Venue: El Teatro Colegiales

Date + City: November 17th || Bogota, Colombia
Venue:�Teatro Ecci

Date + City: November 18th || Mexico City, Mexico
Venue: Circo Volador


A big thanks to MIYAVI, J-glam Inc., and EMI Music Japan for the interview!

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