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SKE48 attends release event for their DVD "Ittekoi48 Vo.1"

October 10, 2011 @ 4:05 am
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On October 9th, AKB48s sister group SKE48, a popular idol group representing Nagoya, attended a release event for their DVD Ittekoi48 Vo.1 at Kanagawa Citizen Hall in Yokohama City.

This latest DVD includes episodes of their TV Kanagawa program, which focuses on the completion of various challenges as a group. This includes member Matsui Rena (20) taking on a karate match with fellow Matsui Jurina (14) and Rena often loses in different matches in this program and revealed, I am nicknamed as a good-for-nothing so from now on, I would like to show a part of me that isnt, and made a personal oath at this event.

Furthermore, this event stage also held a wrestling event with the double Matsuis as leaders and attracted approximately 2,000 fans to this venue.

Check out the event below!

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Source & Images: Sanspo


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