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Toyota, Yonekura, Ishihara & Kutsuna get awarded for their beautiful legs

October 20, 2011 @ 3:32 pm
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[caption id="attachment_197934" align="aligncenter" width="410" caption="From left: Kutsuna, Ishihara, Yonekura & Toyota"][/caption]

On the 19th, the four actresses Toyota Maho (44), Yonekura Ryoko (36), Ishihara Satomi (24), and Kutsuna Shiori (18) received the "Clarino Beautiful Legs Award 2011" for their healthy and beautiful legs.

It was the ninth time that 'Clarino', a leather brand of kuraray, honored four female celebrities from different age groups with the said award.

Yonekura revealed the secret to her beautiful legs and said, "Due to work I have a pretty irregular life and can't always pay attention to the condition of my legs, but I try to get massages, exercise a lot, and use creams very often." She was wearing a pretty mini-dress and commented, "I'm going to film at a wine bar (for the drama "HUNTER") after this, so this dress should be just right."

This year it was the first time they gave the award to a teenager and Kutsuna was the first to receive one. She commented, "I moved around a lot during my childhood, so I've got some muscles early on. I'd like to pay more attention to the care (of my legs) from now on, since I'll be turning twenty very soon."

Ishihara commented, "Using this award as a motivation, maybe I can improve on my physical strength and not become tired so quick anymore."

Toyota revealed, "My figure is changing, but I've successfully lost 5 kg for this award ceremony."

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Source + Pictures: Sanspo, NikkanSPA!


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