'Welcome to the El-Palacio' opening credits uses 4minute's "Ready, Go"

October 9, 2011 @ 7:18 pm
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Although their next single isn't set for release until December, 4minute fans will get to hear one of it's songs, "Ready,Go" every week on TV Tokyo's Welcome to the El-Palacio.

Originally a manga about female pro-wrestlers, 'Welcome to the El-Palacio' began airing on October 7th. The drama will tell the story of a man wakes up after a car accident surrounded by El-Palacio, a female wrestling team. The drama will chronicle the ups and downs as he struggles to regain his lost memory. StarringEriko Sato andTakeda Kouhei, expectations for the drama are high.

Ready, Go's rock elements and powerful guitar harmonies, plus the girls' dynamic vocals are a great match for the high-octane drama.

See for yourself in the show's opening credits.

Source: TV Tokyo

Thanks to modueca for the tip.


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