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Yamada Takayuki on cheating: "There are no advantages"

November 5, 2011 @ 10:00 pm
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Yamada Takayuki's upcoming comedy movie, "Yubiwa Wo Hametai", held a completion ceremony in Tokyo on November 3rd. Yamada, along with his beautiful co-stars Konishi Manami, Maki Yoko, and Ikewaki Chizuru, attended the event with director Iwata Yuki.

The movie is based on an original novel by Itou Takami, and tells the story of a man named 'Teruhiko' (Yamada), a salesperson of a pharmaceutical company who loses his memories after receiving a blow to his head. If that weren't bad enough, Teruhiko gets approached by Konishi, Maki and Ikewaki, who each tell him that she is his lover. Teruhiko must try to solve the mystery with a marriage ring he prepared before he lost his memory.

Since the movie revolves around marriage, actresses Konishi, Maki and Ikewaki were asked about their conditions for marriage. Konishi said, "First of all, the concerns would be about health. There will be issues if the partner is weak and frail." Maki replied, "It's kindness" while Ikewaki mused, "It's fine if we are deeply in love each other."

Meanwhile, Yamada expressed his candid view about cheating on your partner. "Cheating? It'd be troublesome to schedule and coordinate with several women properly, and there's a chance that [you] will say another woman's name by mistake. There are no advantages in cheating."

The stars concluded by asking for the public's interest in their movie. Yamada said, "A woman and man feel totally different things, so please watch the movie together. I hope that this movie will be a communication tool for women and men to understand each other." "The movie is creative, fantastic and comical," praised Maki, and Ikewaki stated, "In a word, the movie is a fantasy love philosophy."

"Yubiwa Wo Hametai" will hit theaters on November 11th.

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