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Gouriki Ayame holds release event for her first photo book

November 28, 2011 @ 1:01 am
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On November 27th, actress Gouriki Ayame held a release event for her first photo book, "Shizuku".

Gouriki, who challenged herself to her first swimsuit shots, commented, "It was my first job wearing a swimsuit, so these are precious photos. At first, I was really embarrassed, but I was able to have fun."

She continued, "I think my true self is portrayed in the photo book. There are photos of me naturally laughing out loud. I think you will be able to see my many expressions." Gouriki then showed pride in her new work saying,"I want to show my family. I want them to see my growth."

With this photo book, Gouriki received the title, "Genius of Smile". She expressed, "What gracious words.People around me tell me, 'I'm encouraged by your smile', but it's the other way around. I'm the one being encouraged. I always keep a smile in mind." She then thanked her fans saying, "This year was productive. I was able to think that I'll pull through with this one job; it's thanks to everyone. It was a year where I was able to feel that smiles are important."

Source + Photos: Oricon


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