Horikita Maki kicks off filming for her morning drama

November 14, 2011 @ 11:06 pm
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On November 14th, actress Horikita Maki kicked off filming for her NHK morning drama "Umechan Sensei" in Takahagi, Ibaraki.

"Umechan Sensei" is set in Kamata, Tokyo during the time of reconstruction after the Second World War. Horikita plays the protagonist, Shimomura 'Umechan' Umeko, a cheerful and bright young doctor.

They've created a large-scale open set that perfectly resembles the burned up area of Kamata after the war.

Horikita commented, "This world is still so overwhelming, but I'll try to get used to the postwar Japan as soon as possible. It's still only the beginning, but I wonder if I'm already looking like Umechan."

However, she revealed that the realistic set brought up some other feelings as well. She said, "When I saw this scenery for the first time, all those images from March 11 (Great Tohoku earthquake) popped back into my head. It made me really sad again. However, Umechan is such a bright and clumsy character, who makes other people laugh. Being on this set now, it suddenly feels difficult to portray her cheerfulness."

She continued, "I hope we will be able to properly convey the important things of life, as well as the bonds and relationships between various individuals."

"Umechan Sensei" will start airing on April 2nd.

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Source: Sanspo, Oricon


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