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Kuwata Keisuke to perform at "Dream Power John Lennon Super Live" for the first time

November 20, 2011 @ 3:21 am
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It's been confirmed that Kuwata Keisuke will be making a special guest appearance at the charity concert, "Dream Power John Lennon Super Live", which will be held on December 8th at Nippon Budokan.

"Dream Power John Lennon Live" is an yearly charity concert held on the anniversary of John Lennon's death. Various artists who respect John Lennon gather and raise money to build schools for children around the world. This will be the first time Kuwata will participate in this event.

With Kuwata added to the guest list, a total of 20 people from 12 groups, are scheduled to make appearances. Additionally, for the first time, John Lennon himself will make an 'appearance' using a computer imaging technique. He will perform "Gimme Some Truth" as aspecial collaboration with Okuda Tamio, Yoshii Kazuya, andSaito Kazuyoshi.

Check out the full guest list below!


Artists: Ono Yoko / Kuwata Keisuke / Okuda Tamio / Yoshii Kazuya / Saito Kazuyoshi / LOVE PSYCHEDELICO / BONNIE PINK / Sunny Day Service / ROY (THE BAWDIES) / OVERGROUND ACOUSTIC UNDERGROUND

MC: Yanai Michihiko
Narration: Anne
Voice: Sugawara Bunta

Source: natalie


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