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No Sleeves reveal their plans for Christmas

November 2, 2011 @ 10:37 pm
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Today, AKB48's sub-unit, No Sleeves, performed at the 'Yahoo! Japan presents No Sleeves from AKB48 Live' event at Differ ARIAKE in Tokyo.

At the event, the unit performed a total of five songs, including "Kuchibiru Furezu" and "Answer".

They also held a press conference after the event, where reporters asked them about their Christmas plans. Minegishi Minami answered, "Every year the members of AKB48 spend Christmas together and I guess it will be the same this year again. Last year, we all had a bingo tournament after finishing our work."

Kojima Haruna added, "I remember how I managed to make a ribbon myself and gave it to Takamina as a present..."

"Ah, that's what it was!", Takahashi Minami (Takamina) vaguely remembered the present, "I was extremely happy about that." Kojima was shocked and said, "Eh~! So you didn't like it!?"

Further into the talk session, the little skit between the two continued, as Kojima stated, "I'm always worried about Takamina when she's wearing no heels during a live performance, because I'm the tallest and she is the shortest in the group." Takahashi responded bluntly, "I'd rather focus on dancing than making myself appear taller."

Minegishi sighed, "We aren't well-balanced after all. However, I will always be 'the best of average!'"

No Sleeves' next performance is going to be at the 'Team Ogi Matsuri' at the Tokyo Dome City Hall on November 15th and 16th.

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Source + Pictures: Oricon


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