SpecialThanks' Sean & Nochi to leave the band

November 19, 2011 @ 4:07 am
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It's been announced that two of SpecialThanks' members, Sean (G) and Nochi (Dr), will withdraw from the band at the end of 2011.

All the members of SpecialThanks have been juggling their bandactivities while holding down their day jobs. Eventually, Sean and Nochi decided to pull out from the band in order to focus more on their other job. The two members left a comment on the band's official website saying, "Though we have only a month and a bit left for our [musical] activities, we will try our best until the end in our own ways."

Starting in 2012, SpecialThanks will continue their activities with a new member structure, while centering Misaki (Vo) and Hiromu (B).

Source & Image: natalie


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