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Tsumabuki Satoshi becomes Nobita from "Doraemon" for Toyota's new CM


11/11 (Friday) marks the release of Toyota's new CM, featuring the first-ever live action adaptation of the quintessentially Japanese manga "Doraemon". The commercial is highlighted by actor Tsumabuki Satoshi, who brings comedy and laughter to his role as a 30-year old Nobita, fainthearted and timid as ever despite adulthood.

To convey their hope of creating "dream cars," Toyota has fittingly embarked on promotions with "Doraemon", who has fulfilled many dreams of children and adults alike. Despite recent declines in vehicle ownership, Toyota hopes to convey the dream of "car life" to a wide audience.

The commercial, "Nobita at 30," consists of both animated and live-action segments. The passionate performances of Tsumabuki Satoshi as the adult Nobita and Ogawa Naoya as Gian, as well as the faithful recreations of the "vacant lot" and other familiar settings from the manga, are particularly striking. Gian's terrible singing voice, unchanged from childhood, and the uncoordinated Nobita's "loserness" are surely worth a view, as well.

On the set, Tsumabuki and Ogawa seemed to strike up a quick friendship. Though it was only their first meeting, Tsumabuki remarked, "It's uncanny. Already, I can only see Ogawa-san as Gian." In response to this, Ogawa laughed with delight. According to the staff, the size difference between the two made quite an impression during filming. In contrast to Tsumabuki's 55kg (121 pounds), Ogawa weighs in at 115kg (253 pounds), bringing the physical differences between Gian and Nobita to life.

Tsumabuki was also asked about his memories when he first obtained his driver's license. Recalling his memories of youth, he replied with a laugh, "Well, as expected, it was because I wanted to date. My motives may have been a bit impure, but my thoughts of 'Ah, I want to date...ah, I want to drive' were incredibly strong. Attending the training institute with the desire of having my girlfriend ride in the passenger seat is the memory that comes up."

Source + Image: Walkerplus

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