Abe Sadawo to star in live-action movie for "Paikaji Nankai Sakusen"

December 3, 2011 @ 3:35 am
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Shiina Makoto's popular survival novel, "Paikaji Nankai Sakusen", will get a live-action movie adaptation starring Abe Sadawo, Nagayama Kento, Kanjiya Shihori, and Sasaki Nozomi!

Originally published in 2004, the book has been described as a "modern Robinson Crusoe" story. Commenting on the exciting development, the author said, "This is way too enjoyable. It will be such a fun movie."

"Paikaji Nankai Sakusen" follows the tale of 'Sasaki' (played by Abe), who lost his job and got divorced at the same time. He decides to retreat to a southern island, but on the day of his arrival, all his possessions and bags get stolen by four campers (Asano Kazuyuki, Pierre Taki, Saiki Shigeru, and Omizu Yosuke). Sasaki, who loses everything and is at his wit's end, encounters a young man named 'Okocchi' (Nagayama) and two girls, 'Apa' (Kanjiya) and 'Kimi' (Sasaki).

One day, Sasaki hears a rumor about four homeless people, and he decides to avenge himself on them in order to take back his possessions. Thus, Sasaki's "Paikaji Nankai Sakusen (= 'Paikaji' South Sea Operation)" begins.

"Paikaji" is a dialect word from Okinawa, and it means "wind blows from the south." Filming took place entirely on Iriomote island from November 1st ~ 27th, and so viewers will get to see the beauty of the island as they follow the story. Nagayama commented, "Iriomote-jima was hot like summer, and it rained a lot. Since it was like a squall, it felt like I was overseas [instead of being in Japan]. The local people were all nice, and I made some acquaintances at a bar I often visited."

Sasaki Nozomi added, "The atmosphere at the filming was so nice, and I was with other cast members from morning till night. I was able to get really close with them, and it was comfortable." Since she also had to adopt the Osaka dialect, she revealed that "I got a dialect CD, and practiced a lot."

"Paikaji Nankai Sakusen" isscheduledto be released in summer 2012.

Source & Image: Oricon


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