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Kuraki Mai to release new album, "OVER THE RAINBOW"

December 8, 2011 @ 4:40 am
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Kuraki Mai is gearing up to take 2012 by storm through the release of her 10th album, 'OVER THE RAINBOW'!

Scheduled to hit shelves on January 11th, the album will come in two versions: a limited edition (which will include a DVD), and a regular edition.

Check out tracklist details as well as jacket covers for the album below!


<Limited Edition>

1. Strong Heart
2. another day?another world
3. Sayonara wa Mada Iwanaide ~album ver.~
4. Stay the same
5. Your Best Friend
6. Mou Ichido
7. Brave your heart
8. Sun will shine on u
9. Love one another
10. step by step
11. 1000-mankai no Kiss
12. Lalala?La

1. 1000-mankai no Kiss -Music Clip-
2. Mou Ichido -Music Clip-
3. Your Best Friend -Music Clip-
4. Brave your heart -Music Clip-
5. Stay the same -Music Clip-


<Regular Edition>

[CD only]
*same as above

Source: Kuraki Mai official site
Thanks to rapidpace for the tip


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