Aiba Masaki, Gori, Kuroki Hitomi and Nagasawa Masaki announces completion of "Nihon Retto Ikimono Tachi no Monogatari"

January 24, 2012 @ 4:26 am
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On January 23rd, Arashis Aiba Masaki (29), Garage Sales Gori (39), actresses Nagasawa Masaki (24), and Kuroki Hitomi (51) attended a completed filming announcement for documentary film, Nihon Retto Ikimono Tachi no Monogatari (directed by Ideta Keizo).

This documentary tells the life of animals living in Japans Archipelago such as the brown bear, Japanese monkey, and the wild boar in which Aiba, Gori, Nagasawa, and Kuroki were appointed as navigators for this film. Regarding this documentary, Aiba commented, Japan has wonderful natural scenery and a great bond between the animals there, and promoted this documentary. When asked which animal he wants to see in real life, he revealed he would like to see the Humpback Whale and asked towards director Ideta, If my memory serves me right, its around 20 meter to 30 meter long right? The director answered immediately, Its around 16 meter long. Aiba then scratches his head, But I would like to definitely see it with my own eyes. I would like to ride on its current as well, and showed his genuine interest on this animal.

This film will begin its showing on February 4th.

Source & Image: TV Asahi


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