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Posted by 0 pt Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cast and director of "Quartet!" attend stage greeting


"Quartet!" opened in theaters today, and was celebrated by a stage greeting in Tokyo. "Quartet!" is a heartwarming movie about music and a family that has to rediscover its bonds.

The greeting event was attended by the main cast, Tagasugi Mahiro, Gouriki Ayame, Tsuruta Mayu, and Yuki Saori, as well as the director, Mimura Junichi.

Like many other movies that were filmed last year, "Quartet!" was about to face a long delay in schedule due to the Great Tohoku Earthquake and the following tsunamis. The filming was supposed to happen in the city of Urayasu, Chiba. More than 80% of the city suffered from soil liquefaction. However, the citizens still wished for the filming to continue as soon as possible and more than 700 of them participated as extras.

Actress Gouriki Ayame couldn't hold back her tears, when she expressed her gratitude towards the citizens. She said, "I was trying to think of all kind of ways to help and support the citizens when I was going to the filming location, but in the end I was the one who received most of the support from the staff, the other actors, and from all of the citizens. It's thanks to them that we've come this far."

Young actor Tagasugi Mahiro was picked for the starring role through an audition and remembered the tough two months he had to spend practicing the violin. He commented, "It's not just that I couldn't play it, I also wasn't able to read music. It was quite difficult."

Furthermore, he revealed that the filming caused him to become more interested in music. He said, "When looking at the movie, I hope that a lot of people will enjoy the music. Personally, I'm now able to relax or gain courage while listening to music."

Tsuruta Mayu, who plays the mother of the family, commented, "Before the filming, I wondered whether it was really a good idea to film at this location right after the earthquake. However, now that the movie is finished, I'm really glad that we did it."

Watching over the family in the role of the grandmother, Yuki Saori added, "What makes this movie so meaningful is the fact that it was done during the time when everyone, especially those in the area struck by the earthquake, was walking hand-in-hand, one step after another, towards the future again, after experiencing such a sad event."

Yuki also performed an a capella version of the children's song, "Furusato".

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The trailer for "Quartet!":

Source: eiga.com

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