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Kitano Kii will become an angel for Hotei Tomoyasu's play, "Psychedelic Pain"

January 27, 2012 @ 5:47 am
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It's been announced that actress Kitano Kii will star in an upcoming stage play called "Psychedelic Pain", which marks the directorial debut of famed guitarist, Hotei Tomoyasu.

"Psychedelic Pain" marks Kitano's first theater project. The multi-talented star has appeared in various dramas and movies, and is even active as a singer.

The play is about youth, and focuses on a five-member rock band called 'Psychedelic Pain'. Kitano plays a mysterious angel named 'Sophie', who suddenly appears in front of the band's vocalist (Fukushi Seiji).

The cast will perform approximately 20 songs during the production. In total, 40% of the play will be comprised of singing. Of course, there will also be various solo performances from Kitano herself.

She commented, "A live stage performances might still be too early for me, since I'm still at the very beginning of my acting career. I'd like to make the best use of this chance and learn as much as possible."

The production staff stated, "She does look like an angel and has a great singing talent. Kitano is perfect for this role."

While Hotei is going to write all of the songs and will work as the musical director, he also managed to convince his sworn friend Mori Yukinojo (who's penned the lyrics for many of Hotei's songs) to write the script for the play. They are said to already be completely focused on the composition of the songs.

"I totally can't wait to meet Hotei," Kitano said. "I want to hear the story behind the music."

"Psychedelic Pain" is scheduled to be performed at the Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater in Tokyo in August.

Source: Sanspo


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