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Mukai Osamu's drama "Hungry!" to be published as a comic

January 11, 2012 @ 3:40 am
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On January 10th, Mukai Osamus starring drama Hungry! has been announced to be adapted in to a comic series and will be published on the March 2012 issue of manga magazine Bessatsu Friend on sale January 21st.

Drama Hungry! has just begun its broadcast on this day and will be set at a French restaurant featuring Mukai as a former rock musician Yamate Eisuke beginning his culinary career as a part of his promise with his deceased mother.

This manga will be drawn by Omori Mika and written by Kitagawa Yuka following the perspective of heroine Chie (played by Takimoto Miori in the drama).

Also, this issue will feature this manga with the first 43 pages colored and a special volume of this comic will be released in paperback on March 13th and its electronic version will release in the first week of February.

Source & Image: Mantan Web


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