NMB48 to collaborate with "Pocky" for Valentine's day

January 30, 2012 @ 9:46 pm
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Idol group NMB48, the sister group of AKB48 based out of Namba, Osaka, will be collaborating with Glico's "Pocky." Their collaboration with Pocky is for a Valentine's day giveaway, and they will be featured on Pocky's complete box featuring the photos of 44 members. The complete box consists of a total of 45 small boxes of Pocky, and each box is printed with NMB48's original logo and a member. One box should feature all of the members together.

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This complete box will be given to 30 lucky fans who purchase NMB48's 3rd single "Junjou U-19" (to be released on February 8th) by lottery.

This Valentine's day project was announced during their performance at NMB48 theater on the 29th, and a member, Ogasawara Mayu said to the audience, "Let's make a memory with NMB48 on this year's Valentine's day."

Additionally, NMB48 is planning to hold a handshake event for Valentine's day on February 18th at Zepp Osaka.

Source & image: Sanspo


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