Actress Yoshino Sayaka announces her marriage

February 3, 2012 @ 1:59 am
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Actress Yoshino Sayaka (29) has announced that she's married!

On February 2nd, Yoshino shared the news through her official blog. "I registered my marriage on September 19, 2010, but before I could report it, the Tohoku Earthquake struck."

She continued, "Both the victims and people throughout Japan had to undergo trials. That summer, I lost my two dogs who were like family to me, and I couldn't report my celebration. I was thinking about telling all of you at a good time, but the media reported the news at the same time as my announcement."

According to her agency, Yoshino's husband is an American who is a non-celebrity. They met about 10 years ago through a mutual acquaintance, and started dating shortly after.

Yoshino was the original member of Chaidol, who appeared on various TV shows and movies. She was also a model for teen magazines "Nicola"and "Pichi Lemon". In recent years, she has been active with her actress career, appearing in many stage plays and movies.


Source & Photo: TV Asahi and Oricon


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