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Hotei Tomoyasu celebrates his 50th birthday with a live performance

February 2, 2012 @ 12:01 pm
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On February 1st, guitarist Hotei Tomoyasu celebrated his 50th birthday with a performance at the Saitama Super Arena.

Hotei greeted his mid-century birthday with open arms, as he shouted, Welcome to the universes number one rock and roll show my birthday party. I am 50 years old! This stage marked the end of his 30th anniversary year as an artist. T

The guitarist enthusiastically performed 27 songs, including his hit songs Thrill and Bambina. During the encore, Takahashi Makoto (58), the drummer of rock band Bowy, appeared on stage to loud cheers after Hotei introduced him with, An old friend of mine has rushed here. Together, they performed Bowys hit songs JUSTY and NO.NEW YORK for the first time in 24 years after Bowy broke up in April of 1988.

Within the crowd of 12,000 people, reporters spotted Hotei's wife, singer Imai Miki (48), and singer Kikkawa Koji, who was a member of Hoteis former rock band, COMPLEX.

Source and Image: Sanspo


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