Kaku Kento to star in drama adaptation of "Clover"

February 16, 2012 @ 3:47 am
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It's just been revealed that actor Kaku Kento will be starring in the upcoming drama series, "Clover".

The drama is based on a popular manga by Hirakawa Tetsuhiro and is currently featured in the manga magazine, "Shonen Champion". Its story focuses on the close friendship of high school delinquents.

Kaku expressed, "This is my first leading role, so I'm motivated in a different way. Since I'm in the spotlight, I'm trying my best not to show my exhaustion."

The actor showcased his dedication to his craft by putting cornrows in his hair to match the tough look of his character. "It's a story that men and women of all ages can relate to, but overall, I want guys to think I'm cool," he said.

Kaku also revealed that he grew up going to an all-boys school. "I understand the feeling of always wanting to help out a friend when they're in a critical situation."

It was also announced that Miura Takahiro, Suzunosuke, and Arimura Kasumi will co-star in the drama.

"Clover" will air on TV Tokyo starting from April 13th at 12:12 a.m.

Source & Image: Daily Sports


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