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Maeda Atsuko makes a guest appearance in Nogizaka46's music video

February 8, 2012 @ 10:55 am
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It's been revealed that AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko has made an appearance in the music video for Nogizaka46's "Aitakatta Kamo Shirenai". Though Maeda's cameo lasts only a few seconds, it's an encouraging acknowledgment of Nogizaka46's status as the "official rival" group of AKB48.

"Aitakatta Kamo Shirenai" is one of the follow-up songs in Nogizaka46's debut single, "Guru Guru Curtain". Though the songhas a different melody, it recycles the lyrics from AKB48's major debut song, "Aitakatta" (released in October 2006). In fact, the music video borrows heavily from the original "Aitakatta" MV -- fans will find the same cast, choreography, script, and even filming locations.

In the "Aitakatta Kamo Shirenai" MV, Ikoma Rina (who takes the center position for "Guru Guru Curtain") takes up the same role as Maeda Atsuko's from "Aitakatta" MV. Ikoma commented, "When I think of how AKB48-san also made their start at the same place, I was happy and deeply moved, though we are positioned as their rivals."

"Guru Guru Curtain" is scheduled to be released on February 22nd, and"Aitakatta Kamo Shirenai" will be included in the album's Type-B edition.

Source & Image: Oricon

Thanks to joe.oppa for the tip!


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