Dream's Sayaka to leave the group

March 15, 2012 @ 7:54 pm
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It has been announced that pop group Dream member Sayaka will be leaving the group on March 31st.

Sayaka is one of the six members that won the audition back in 2002. Being acknowledged for her singing abilities, Sayaka made her solo debut under the name 'Yamamoto Sayaka' shortly after.

Below is a statement from Sayaka:

"Thank you for always supporting Dream.
I, Sayaka, have been active with the group since 2002.

Many members have joined and graduated from the group,
Dream was once in a crisis of disbandment.
However, after encountering a wonderful management called LDH,
We were given support by the agency's manager, EXILE member HIRO
And many of the staff.
We were able to make our dreams come true again.

After our leader Kana-chan left the group last year,
The 5 of us continued to follow our dreams,
But I made a decision to leave Dream in order to challenge my new dream.

Because I joined this business out of admiration, I want to continue singing.
In order to do so, I need to mature.
I want to leave Dream and take on my dreams for my own future.

I've been a part of Dream since I jumped into this business.
I am uneasy because I am inexperienced as an individual.
But I want to do my best with the resolve to dive into a new environment.

From now on, I will do my best not as Dream's Sayaka, but as Yamamoto Sayaka.
Along with the other members of dream, I will work hard to pursue my dreams.
So please continue to support me.

Finally, to those who have supported both Dream and Sayaka.
I am very grateful.
I will do my best with everyone's feelings in my heart.
Also, thank you very much until now.

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