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Hongo Kanata joins the cast of 'Mirai Nikki -Another:World-'

March 15, 2012 @ 5:14 pm
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With about a month remaining, Fuji TV is slowly revealing the lineup of actors that will appear in the revival of popular drama 'Mirai Nikki -Another:World-'.

It was first announced in February that actor Okada Masaki would be starring in the 2007 drama. It was then revealed earlier this month that actress Gouriki Ayame will be starring with Okada in the Saturday night drama. Today they've made another announcement that teenage actor Hongo Kanata will also be appearing in 'Mirai Nikki -Another:World-'.

As previously stated, the drama is a revival from a popular manga that has sold over 4 Million copies in circulation. Hongo will play an original character 'Moriguchi Rui' (which is the equal character as "Akise Aru" in the original manga), an instigator who involves himself with 'Furusaki Yuno' (Gouriki) and 'Hoshino Arata' (Okada).

When asked about the role, he said that he's excited to participate in the drama, and surprised that it's getting live-action drama adaptation, especially since he is in the middle of watching the animation version.

'Mirai Nikki -Another:World-' will start airing on Fuji TV in April and will appear on Saturday nights at 11:10~11:55 p.m.

Source: Cinema Today


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