"Youkame no Semi" dominates the 35th Japan Academy Awards

March 2, 2012 @ 4:01 pm
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On March 2nd, the creme de la creme of the Japanese movie industry once again gathered at the New Takanawa Princess Hotel in Shinagawa, Tokyo for 'The 35th Annual Japan Academy Awards'.

The award ceremony was opened by the Academy's new president, Okada Yusuke, with the words, "I hope that we'll be able to turn this ceremony into a festive event with all its glory as well as into an enjoyable, cheerful and frank gathering." He then handed over the baton to Sekine Tsutomu and Fukatsu Eri who lead through the ceremony as the two hosts in a light and enjoyable fashion. Overall it was your typical ceremony, gorgeous, fun and an atmosphere filled with tension.

Moreover all of the nominees and other attendees signalized unity as they commemorated the victims of the Great Tohoku Earthquake, whose first anniversary will approach soon, by wearing a corsage and a ribbon.

The biggest winner of the night was the movie "Youkame no Semi", which received a total of 11 awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Starring Actress, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Script.

Director Narushima Izuru's words after receiving the award: "This movie opened in April. The great earthquake happened on March 11th and I wasn't sure how well a movie about a family that had been broken apart would go with the masses, but then I heard from people in the disaster regions that they actually received strength after seeing this movie. It was really touching to know that such a movie could be that helpful to some people."

The award for Best Starring Actor posthumously went to Harada Yoshio for his outstanding performance in "Oshikamura Sodoki". His daughter Harada Mayu, who is working as an actress as well, received the award in his stead and said, "While he was still alive, my father always said that movie theaters are like treasure chests."

You can find out all of the winners below!


Picture of the Year --- "Youkame no Semi"
Animation of the Year --- "Kokurikozaka kara"
Director of the Year --- Narushima Izuru ("Youkame no Semi")
Screenplay of the Year --- Okudera Satoko ("Youkame no Semi")

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role --- Harada Yoshio ("Oshikamura Sodoki")
Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role --- Inoue Mao ("Youkame no Semi")
Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role --- Denden ("Cold Fish")
Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role --- Nagasaku Hiromi ("Youkame no Semi")

Outstanding Achievement in Music --- Yasukawa Goro ("Youkame no Semi")
Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography --- Fujisawa Masakazu ("Youkame no Semi")
Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction --- Kanazawa Masao ("Youkame no Semi")
Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction --- Nishioka Yoshinobu / Harada Tetsuo ("Saigo no Chushingura")
Outstanding Achievement in Sound Recording --- Fujimoto Kenichi ("Youkame no Semi")
Outstanding Achievement in Film Editing --- Sanjo Tomoh ("Youkame no Semi")

Outstanding Foreign Language Film --- "The King's Speech"

Rookie of the Year
--- Kumada Sea ("Saya Zamurai")
--- Sakuraba Nanami ("Saigo no Chushingura")
--- Watanabe Konomi ("Youkame no Semi")
--- Kamiji Yusuke ("Manzai Gang")
--- Kora Kengo ("Keibetsu")
--- Nomi Kanjuro ("Saya Zamurai")
--- Hasegawa Hiroki ("Second Virgin")

Popularity Award
--- Picture: "Moteki"
--- Actor/Actress: Maeda Atsuko ("Moshidora")

Special Award from the Chairman
--- the late Okada Shigeru (producer; day of death: 2011/05/09)
--- the late Sano Takeji (lighting; day of death: 2011/03/04)
--- the late Takamine Hideko (actress; day of death: 2010/12/28)
--- the late Harada Yoshio (actor; day of death: 2011/07/19)
--- the late Morita Yoshimitsu (director; day of death: 2011/12/20)

Special Award from the Association --- Goshozono Hisatoshi (stage setting)


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Source: Official Site (Awards)
Pictures: Oricon, MantanWeb (1,2), eiga.com (1,2)


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