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AFTERSCHOOL performs new Japanese singles "Dilly Dally" and "Lady Luck" at PLAYGIRLZ tour 2012

April 30, 2012 @ 3:30 pm
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The lovely ladies of AFTERSCHOOL performed their upcoming fourth Japanese singles "Dilly Dally" and "Lady Luck" at their April 30th concert in Osaka.

The concert was streamed live via Ustream and at it's peak, the stream had 30,000 viewers watching the stream.

The concert is the last in a series of Japanese concerts that have showcased After Schools first Japanese album, PLAYGIRLZ. Previous concerts held in Tokyo and Nagoya have both been a total success, selling out both performances and leaving distraught fans at the gate. The double-A side Japanese single, "Lady Luck/Dilly Dally" will be released on June 13th. In the mean time check out their performance below!

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