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BiS adds two new members & signs with Avex Entertainment

April 15, 2012 @ 5:59 pm
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On April 15th, as mentioned in the previous articles, unique idol groupBiS (Brand-new idol Society) revealed member changes at their concert and release party 'Killer BiS', but not without a few surprises.

The first surprise was the revelation that they added not one but two new girls, turning BiS into a five-member group. However, the biggest surprise was the announcement that BiS has signed with major label Avex Entertainment and that they are going to make their major label debut this summer.

The ladies of BiS made their big break with the so-called 'nude' PV for their first single "My Ixxx", which also when Avex first took a notice of the girls and their unorthodox idol image and music according to a spokesperson from the label. Moreover it's impossible not to be impressed by the great feeling of unity between BiS and their fans,who are called 'kenkyuin' (researchers). This becomes most evident during the group's enthusiastic live performances that also include excessive headbanging, moshing and crowd surfing.

Of course, the notion of going major with such an unconventional group initially created doubt, but Avex proved to be quite flexible and sent BiS a contract proposal, much to the surprise of the girls and their management.

At the end of their concert 'Killer BiS', which also was the release party of the newest single "IDOL", the three girls held a double encore during which they announced the winners, the so-called 'Cinderella Girls' of their new-member audition. The audition became known as 'the audition where no applicant came to show up', but in the end there were at least ten girls who tried to fill the empty spot. Their fans were expecting one girl to be announced as the new member, but they were quite amazed when it became clear that there will be two new members, Michibayashi Rio and Wakisaka Yurika.

After the news regarding the two new members, leader Pour Lui herself made the big announcement about their upcoming major label debut, while all of the members were dressed in school uniforms with the Avex logo. At the same time, member Terashima Yufu opened an Avex parasol. According to Pour Lui, they were rummaging through a warehouse of Avex and borrowed those cute outfits for the event.

Pour Lui bowed before their fans and said, "I'm still shocked about this all myself and cannot really comprehend it, but at the moment it looks like this is real. You know, it's all thanks to you that we've come this far. It's all thanks to you that we - who aren't cute, can't sing, can't dance, and lack inspiration - are able to make a major debut. Thank you very much!"

In tears she added, "So far every announcement was about a withdrawal from the group... It's the first time we can make not one but two pleasant announcements. I'm so happy right now!"

As mentioned above, BiS' major debut is scheduled for the summer. Before then, there will be another concert called 'BiS no Mada Major Janaimon!!' on May 12th.

Fans of the group should also check out the blogs and Twitter accounts of the two new members, which opened immediately after the concert. What do you think of these huge changes to BiS?

Source: Barks, BiS Official Site

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