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BiS release their real PV for "IDOL", apologize for the fake PV & cruel jokes

April 9, 2012 @ 5:24 pm
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On April 10th, the girls of idol group BiS (Brand-new idol Society) and their director Watanabe Junnosuke revealed that all of the recent announcements have been nothing but lies.

In March, we reported that everything looked like as if they were becoming an orthodox idol group after the release of a pretty tame and fluffy short PV for their latest HMV exclusive single "IDOL", which will be released on April 11th. Moreover they announced that their manager/director Watanabe was going to leave the group with the release of this single. Some of the members even went as far as assuring their fans on their personal blogs that the change towards a more normal concept would be necessary to improve as a group.

Today it became clear that everything was a lie and that the previously released short PV was actually a fake.

Together with the announcement, BiS finally revealed the real jacket covers for "IDOL" along with an extremely rocking PV, which couldn't be further away from a bright and warm idol PV. HMV also posted a clip where the three girls and Watanabe apologize to their fans for playing such a cruel joke with them, although the girls blame Watanabe for the whole idea and slapped him in stead of their fans.

On April 15th, the group will be holding another concert to celebrate the release of "IDOL", and also announce their new member.

Pretty awesome PV and a pretty cool idea (releasing fake PV & information) that could help them receive some viral attention.

You can check out the awesome PV for "IDOL" below!


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Source: YT, hotexpress, HMV


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