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CHEMISTRY goes on hiatus as duo

April 8, 2012 @ 7:20 pm
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On April 8th, popular duo CHEMISTRY announced Douchin Yoshikuni (33) and Kawabata Kaname (33) willfocuson their solo activities through the official web site. They just finished CHEMISTRY TOUR 2012 -Trinity- after a final concert in Okinawa on April 7th.

Kawabata state "Looking back over the past, since debut, we were having different types of styles and created our music not just 1+1=2, but infinite possibility to harmonize each other. From now on, we are having time to focus on solo activities for our reskilling. "
Meanwhile Dochin commented "Because we could be getting mature, we would open new music door to create only music that I can make by myself, that's why we will going for solo. This is one of my dream since I debuted, and without successes and fulfillment as Douchin Yoshikuni, CHEMISTRY would never be shine!"

As we could see from their comments, this is positive hiatus CHEMISTRY.

Source : Nikkan Sports


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