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INORAN announces new album and summer tour

April 28, 2012 @ 10:53 am
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Luna Sea guitarist INORAN announced that he will be releasing a new album this summer titled 'Dive youth, Sonik dive'. This will be INORAN's 10th solo album and will drop on June 27th.

The album will contain ten songs including his single "Hide and Seek", "One Big Blue" and "LEMONTUNE" from his side project FAKE?. The first press limited edition will come with a DVD and 30cm LP to celebrate his 15th anniversary.

INORAN said that the album is "emotional & passionate whatever we can see, this is the best ROCK'N ROLL stuff". Some of the tracks were played on April 27th on the radio program "THE DAVE FROMM SHOW" and were streamed worldwide.

He will also have a nationwide tour starting in June. It will be his "2nd Stage" for his 15th anniversary.


< Dive you, Sonik dive >
1. smoke
2. Get Laid
3. grace and glory
4. Selfless
5. no options
6. Hide and Seek
7. One Big Blue
8. Nine closets


< INORAN 15th Anniversary Year -2nd Stage- LIVE TOUR 2012 'Dive youth, Sonik dive' >
2012.06.30 Kanazawa AZ
2012.07.03 Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO
2012.07.07 Sendai darwin
2012.07.12 LIQUIDROOM (Tokyo)
2012.07.14 Okayama CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM
2012.07.16 Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
2012.07.21 Nagoya BOTTOMLINE
2012.07.22 Osaka BIGCAT

Source: Official Website, Music-man


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