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Takaoka Sosuke speaks his mind about Miyazaki Aoi and her alleged affair

April 17, 2012 @ 2:58 am
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After the news of his divorce from actress Miyazaki Aoi, actor Takaoka Sosuke continuously let his true feelings be known through his Twitter account, which caused some controversy.

According to the tabloids, he didn't just talk about their divorce and the problems between them, he also openly criticized her agency, and for the first time, confirmed to his curious followers that Miyazaki may have been committing adultery with V6's Okada Junichi.

In 2011, before their divorce, Takaoka had brought up the topic of Miyazaki cheating on him. He suddenly started criticizing Okada Junichi when he appeared together with Okada's fellow V6 member,Morita Go, in the stage play "Kinkaku-ji". Not just Morita, but all of the people involved in the play, were troubled by his tweets, so he eventually decided to become silent again.

That's when the first tabloids started reporting about a possible relationship between Miyazaki and Okada. It became a hot topic again in January 2012, when 'Shukan Bunshun' covered this rumor in their New Year edition, and somehow it made it back up the headlines at the end of March.

At the same time, Takaoka reopened his private Twitter and wrote, "How many times have I warned you about this immoral man?...He's such an immoral man that he even makes a move on a wife while her husband is overseas." The timing of his tweets made it obvious who he was referring to with his innuendos there. At the same time, he also revealed when Miyazaki's allegedaffair must have occurred, since he had gone overseas after his Twitter incident last year.

Since he reopened the account, he also started criticizing Miyazaki's agency Hirata Office for trying to put all the blame regarding their divorce on him by spreading groundless rumors, which we could often read in tabloids. "Some sponsors were demanding compensation from them and that's why their employees started spreading all kinds of rumors about me," he wrote.

[caption id="attachment_233466" align="aligncenter" width="429" caption="Excerpts from his private account."][/caption]

About Miyazaki, he wrote, "In the midst of the husband getting attacked by the mass media, the wife suddenly leaves the house. He isn't able to get in contact withher nor is she willing to have a talk with him at all. How can you feel sorry for a woman who is saying that she's the happiest [she's been] after the break-up, even though it was her who was committing adultery during that period? I pity her fans who just believe whatever she says," in reference to a recent magazine interview with her.

He became even more furious and continued, "Come to think of it, I was always made out as the bad guy in this marriage. You don't know how relieved I felt when I was finally released from this situation. In all honesty, I never felt any qualitative difference between her and me, and I've never seen her as such a great actress either. She should just stop talking. Her brain is rotten."

With one of his most recent tweets on April 15th, he mentioned the name of Okada Junichi for the first time, when a follower once again asked him if Miyazakireally had a relationship with him. Takaoka replied, "If it was just Okada, we wouldn't have had such hardships," indicating that she had more than just one affair.

Of course he might have gotten a hold of the gossip from some kind of tabloid, which is why some followers didn't believe him at first, but he once again confirmed with them that it's true. "I heard it firsthand from one of those guys," he wrote.

He also once again clarified the rumor of him spending the night together with gravure idol Kinbara Asuka in 2009. "There was nothing at all, not even a kiss," he explained.

Takaoka replied to the tweets that kept on mentioning Miyazaki's affair with Okada by just repeated himself. He wrote, "Didn't I just tell you that it's true?"

His many fans and followers, as well as his haters, are keeping a close eye on him and his remarks, especially after Takaoka revealed that he will continue to "fight" injustice, in general, and in his personal matters.

Sources: cyzo woman via infoseek, Takaoka's public & (old) private twitter accounts


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