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Posted by HPriest TH STAFF Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The cast and Sadako herself make a surprise appearance at the advanced screening of 'Sadako 3D'


On April 23rd, a special advanced screening of the upcoming horror movie 'Sadako 3D' was held at a cinema in Tokyo.

'Sadako 3D' is the latest installment in the popular 'Ring' series, in which a teacher and her boyfriend investigate the mysterious deaths triggered by an alleged cursed online clip that is making the rounds. Soon, they find out that the feared "Sadako" is behind all this and try to find out her true identity.

In the past, various actresses have already portrayed the character of Sadako and shown their faces, such as Kimura Tae in the drama series 'Ring ~The Last Chapter~' (Fuji TV, 1999). 'Sadako 3D' is going to reveal the true identity of Sadako as well, but not for the people who attended the advanced screening. The last 12 minutes of the movie were cut in order to keep her identity a secret until its official release on May 12th. Of course, the people in the audience were frustrated, but they were compensated by the surprise appearances of the main cast - Ishihara Satomi, Seto Koji, Yamamoto Yusuke, and Tayama Ryosei - as well as the director - Hanabusa Tsutomu - after the screening.

Ishihara commented about her first role in a horror movie, "I really screamed a lot! Not just on set, but also during the post-synchronization, which put quite a strain on my throat." She continued, "It turned out to be scarier, more exhilarating, and more action-packed than I imagined."

Meanwhile Seto confessed, "I have the ability to sense ghosts and once again realized that there must be a reality different to ours." When asked about his past supernatural experiences, he replied, "When I watched an old movie in the series, the DVD suddenly stopped when Sadako was getting her hair combed by her mother." His story frightened Ishihara and director Hanabusa.

Yusuke plays a puzzling man who plans to revive Sadako, and he revealed that he had difficulties getting into the character. "I totally didn't understand the feelings of this guy trying to revive Sadako," he said. "He's quite an eccentric fellow and doesn't speak much, which is why I tried to imitate GACKT somehow. You could say I acted like 'Yamamoto GACKT' (laughs)."

At the end of the event, Sadako herself suddenly appeared on stage as well, which caused several people in the audience to let out a shriek. The cast wanted to do a Q&A session with Sadako, but she only wanted to communicate with the director and whispered everything into his ear. He kindly worked as her "interpreter" for the others.

Ishihara first asked her how old she is, and she replied, "I was 17 when I died. Around the 2nd year of high school." Seto asked her why she decided to distribute the curse through an online clip instead of a videotape this time. She sighed and answered, "Videotapes don't sell anymore. It's the IT revolution," which caused everyone to burst out in laughter.

Afterwards, Yusuke asked her what it's like living inside a water well. Sadako replied, "It's narrow and the humidity is amazing." Then she surprisingly revealed her feelings and added, "Let's become roommates. I'd love to live together with you."

'Sadako 3D' will open in cinemas nationwide on May 12th.

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Sources: eiga.com, Cinema Today

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