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B1A4 to make their first appearance on Japanese music show

May 23, 2012 @ 6:56 pm
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Korean idol group B1A4 - who have exploded on the Asian pop scene and will be releasing their Japanese debut single "Beautiful Target" on June 27th - have confirmed their first appearance on a music television show in Japan.

B1A4 has captured hearts all around with their cute looks, their superb singing skills, charming performances, and their high musicianship, as the members have participating in writing their music, lyrics, and raps. In April, their official Japanese fan club "Official Fanclub 'BANA JAPAN' " was opened prior to the group's debut in the country with approximately 8,000 fans from all around Japan attending the events held in celebration of their new fan club. As such, the group will be appearing on a Japanese music show for the very first time on June 15th, on NHK's "MJ presents K-POP Special".

During their "opening ceremony" for their fan club, the members of B1A4 announced their goals in Japan in front of their fans. Leader Jinyoung announced that his goal is for the group to reach the top spot on the Oricon charts, while member Baro expressed that he would like for B1A4 to be able to perform a solo concert at Nippon Budoukan, so please check their performance on the shows before they will release the debut single.

To go along with the release of their Japanese debut single in June, B1A4 will be holding two events on June 30th and July 1st. "Beautiful Target", which had been a huge success when it was originally released in Korea, will be included on the single in Japanese as the title track, in addition to the tracks "Chu Chu Chu", a Japanese version of "Bling Girl" (written and composed by Jinyoung, and only included with Limited Edition B), and an original Japanese song titled "Ready to go" (regular edition only).

Check out the track lists for each version of their debut single and the music video for the Korean "Beautiful Target" below!


< Limited Edition A (CD+DVD) >
comes with an application to a handshake event
01. Beautiful Target (Japanese ver.)
02. Chu Chu Chu (Japanese ver.)
03. Beautiful Target (instrumental)
04. Chu Chu Chu (instrumental)

< Limited Edition A DVD >
Live performances of 2 songs from their showcase in December 2011
Behind-the-scenes footage of the jacket cover photoshoot

< Limited Edition B (CD+Goods) >
comes with one of three original B1A4 jigsaw puzzles and an application to a handshake event
01. Beautiful Target (Japanese ver.)
02. Chu Chu Chu (Japanese ver.)
03. Bling Girl (Japanese ver.)
04. Beautiful Target (instrumental)
05. Chu Chu Chu (instrumental)
06. Bling Girl (instrumental)

< Regular Edition (CD-Only) >
01. Beautiful Target (Japanese ver.)
02. Chu Chu Chu (Japanese ver.)
03. Ready to go
04. Beautiful Target (instrumental)
05. Chu Chu Chu (instrumental)
06. Ready to go (instrumental)

Source + Images: Barks


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