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Cast of 'Kaseifu no Mita' reunites for DVD & Blu-ray release event

May 3, 2012 @ 4:56 pm
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On May 3rd, a part of the cast of the highly successful drama 'Kaseifu no Mita' that recorded viewer ratings as high as 40% attended the DVD & Blu-ray launch event in Tokyo.

Those attending were Honda Miyu, Ayabe Shuto, Nakagawa Taishi, and Aibu Saki, and for all of them it felt like a big reunion of the 'Asuda' family.

Child actress Miyu-chan commented, "I'm so glad that I get to meet everyone again after such a long time. Meeting them at the set always made my sleepiness go away immediately." She continued, "I recalled many moments when I was watching the DVD. I'm happy, because it increased my memories."

Ayabe looked back at the filming and said, "It's first time to meet Aibu again after finished shooting, so at first I was really nervous, but now I'm happy that I can meet her again. I was surrounded by a wonderful cast and a wonderful staff. The number of people cheering for me increased as well. It was such a great experience."

Aibu commented, "The response towards my role was huge. Many people started to think that I'm a troublemaker myself and asked whether I'm really such a klutz." She added, "Seeing those three again today, I was surprised how much they've grown in such a short time. The awkwardness at the beginning of the filming completely disappeared towards the end and were able to create some memorable scenes almost like a real family."

The DVD & Blu-ray box of 'Kaseifu no Mita' comes with a lot of bonus footage and is a must-buy for everyone fan of the drama.

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