Model Nanao to make acting debut in new Fuji TV drama series, 'Omoni Naitemasu'

May 31, 2012 @ 8:15 am
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On May 29, it was revealed that model Nanao will be making her acting debut in Fuji TV's upcoming drama series, 'Omoni Naitemasu'.

Nanao will play the role of Konno Izumi, a beautiful woman who captivates every man with her beauty and style but is unable to live a decent life. She commented, "This is an opportunity to challenge myself to a new possibility of acting."

'Omoni Naitemasu' is based on the manga of the same name by Higashimura Akiko. It's set in downtown Tokyo, and the story tells of the men who fall in love with Izumi.

Fuji TV drama production center's Oki Ayako shared that the main point of the drama adaptation was "Izumi's overbearing beauty." She also explained the reason for choosing Nanao saying, "Nanao-san was the person who intuitively came to mind."

As her first lead role in her first drama series, Nanao expressed, "When I first received the news, I was really surprised. Right now, I feel I need to do my best. Since modeling is also a kind of acting, I want to tackle it by finding things that I can relate to."

Nanao also stated, "Izumi's modest personality and my personality arethe exact opposite," continuing with, "I'm uneasy about being able to represent Izumi, but honestly, that's what I feel is worthwhile."

It was also announced thatKAT-TUN'sNakamaru Yuichi will play Akamatsu Keisuke, an art student who falls in love with Izumi. He shared his first impressions on Nanao saying, "She has good style."

There will be scenes in the drama in which Nakamaru shows off his painting skills. "Together with my co-stars and staff,I hope to make this a drama that won't lose to the original work," he said.

Source: Sanspo 1, 2


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