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Posted by 0 pt Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Saotome Taichi and Nishiyama Maki caught in heated argument by tabloid magazine 'Josei Jishin'


On May 13th and 14th, Saotome Taichi(20) and model Nishiyama Maki(26),reported their heated argument through their blogs with an apology for their fans.

They announced this since they their fight was caught by tabloid magazine 'Josei Jishin' and reports surfaced that photos will be published on May 15th. The couple apologized to their fans directly before the fight would hit the media. During an interview on the 14th, Saotome revealed the fight was over trivial matters, and he once again apologized and stated, "I will not make the same mistake again."

During the interview, he revealed that they are living together. About the alleged violence towards Nishiyama, he responded, "It might be 'violence', but that doesn't mean I hit or slapped her. When I pulled her, she fell down." Nishiyama left him right after the fight, but she came back to his house several hours later, and they had a lengthy discussion on the matter.

Although Saotome didn't reveal details of their fight, tabloid magazine 'Josei Jishin' caught some of the details.


On May 10th, around 7:30 PM, the couple were enjoying their time with a game of bowling at an amusement park in Odaiba, Tokyo. After 11:00 PM, they moved to Teppanyaki (restaurants which mainly serve grilled steak or seafood) in Shirogane, Tokyo. According to staff members from the restaurant, they (the couple and their relatives) were livened up by drinking games at private room in the restaurant and Nishiyama got drunk and started to blurt out dirty jokes. When Saotome warned her, the atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

They left the restaurant around 2:00AM. They went back to Saotome's apartment by taxi, and Nishiyama who was in a sulky mood got off the taxi first, and Saotome followed her. After several minutes, they came outside again and Saotome shouted "Wait!". Nishiyama tried to get into the taxi, but Saotome pulled her out from the taxi. After the taxi left, Saotome and Nishiyama started their argument on the street, and when Saotome pulled her, she fell down on the street. (According to 'Josei Jishin''s report)

During the interview, Saotome mentioned that Nishiyama wasn't injured, but he stated "I pulled her and made her fall down. I did a really wrong and shameful act as a man."

Nishiyama also apologized through her blog saying "Our fight will be in the tabloid magazine. Our rash behavior with lack of responsibility and awareness led to this result. I am deeply sorry to have caused this trouble."

Source : Nikkan Sports & Josei Jishin

Image : TV Asahi & Josei Jishin

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