Suzuki Fuku to star in Fuji TV drama special, 'Ikkyu-san'

May 19, 2012 @ 6:44 am
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Child actor Suzuki Fuku (7) will be starring in Fuji TV's drama special, 'Ikkyu-san', in June. He will also be singing the drama's theme song, "Minna no Ikkyu-san", a parody of the nursery rhyme, "Shojoji no Tanuki Bayashi".

Suzuki has been widely active in music, dramas, CMs, and variety TV shows. This time, he will challenge himself to his first lead role in a prime time drama by playing a national character. After his costume fitting, Suzuki's first impressions were, "I thought, 'it's Ikkyu-san!'."

The drama is set in the Muromachi Period, and its story follows the childhood of a Zen Buddhist monk named Ikkyu Sojun. It's a popular work that has been played by Tomita Yasuko (1985), Asaka Yui (1986), and Enari Kazuki (2004) in the past.

In order to perfect his role, Suzuki trained for half a day at Kourin Institute in Hiroo. "I was sitting in Zen meditation for a long time so my legs fell asleep and hurt," he shared.

Suzuki is known for starring in 'Marumo no Okite' last spring. However, the lead roles were played by his co-starsAbe Sadao (42) and Ashida Mana (7). This will be his first lead role in a prime time drama. He commented, "I can relate to Ikkyu-san, how he's carefree.I want to do my best cheerfully with a smile."

In the upcoming drama, Sayo-chan will be played byKobayashi Seiran (7), and Ikkyu's rival, the fake Ikkyu, will be played by Ninomiya Akari (9).

Source & Image: Daily Sports


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