Takahashi Ai & five more actors join the cast of 'Taira no Kiyomori'

May 6, 2012 @ 2:51 pm
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NHK has just announced the latest six additions to the cast of their current taiga drama 'Taira no Kiyomori' starring Matsuyama Kenichi as Kiyomori.

The most interesting addition must be that of former Morning Musume member Takahashi Ai, who is also going to be the first ever Hello! Project idol to appear in a taiga drama. It's Takahashi's first regular role since she graduated from the idol group last September with the mindset to focus more on her acting career.

In the drama, she is going to play the role of Fujiwara no Ienari's (Sato Jiro) fourth-born daughter Keishi/Tsuneko, who will also become the wife of Kiyomori's eldest son Shigemori, played by Kubota Masataka. Kiyomori's second son Motomori will be played by Watabe Gota, while Nakagawa Taishi is going to portray the young Minamoto no Yoritomo. All four of them are going to make their first appearance in the drama on June 17th.

The other two new additions are Tomiura Satoshi as Emperor Nijo (first appearance on June 24th) and Ukaji Takashi as Minamoto no Yorimasa (first appearance on July 1st).

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Sources: Oricon, Modelpress


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