Eikura Nana to play a chemistry teacher with a double life in new drama

June 1, 2012 @ 10:01 am
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On May 30, it was announced that actress Eikura Nana is going to star as a female teacher in the upcoming TBS drama 'Yoru no Onna Kyoshi' (tentative title).

The drama features an original script about three female women who look and act like ordinary teachers at a senior high school during the day, but at night they become unique "problem solvers" for various students in return for money.

Eikura is going to play a general chemistry teacher and guidance counselor by the name of Yuko who displays her extraordinary leadership skills in front of her students during the day. However, at night she's far from your average teacher and freely breaks laws in order to help various students with their problems in return for an exorbitant sum of money. Working together with her are Ichikawa Mikako as Sumire, a teacher of Classics, and Kobayashi Satomi as Aya, an art teacher.

All three teachers have different personalities and hobbies, but with Aya as a mutual acquaintance, they start to hit it off with each other to began their special "extracurricular lessons". They have no scruples about their after-school activities and say, "Since we are sincerely working as teachers during the day, what's wrong with some 'extracurricular lessons' and an appropriate overtime pay?" However, their activities are strongly opposed by the new teacher for modern Japanese, Haruka - played by Kimura Fumino.

The drama is going to show the intense reality some senior high school students have to live these days, including topics like bullying, illicit sexual relationships, drugs and so on. They often reach a point where sound arguments and good advice won't help them anymore. That's when the three teachers step in and offer to solve their problems in exchange for money.

Eikura commented, "Playing a role from the viewpoint of a teacher, I feel like I'm carrying more responsibility than with any other role I played before." About her role as a reacher who is fighting evil with evil, she added, "This drama makes you think about what's wrong and what's right. The students in the drama will have to face this problem first hand and it would be great if the viewers were going to think about it as well."

TBS is going to air 'Yoru no Onna Kyoshi' every Friday at 10:00 pm, starting in July.

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Source: Oricon


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