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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu dresses up as AKB48?

June 15, 2012 @ 8:08 pm
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Popular model and singer, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, recently revealed a shot of herself in a tidy school uniform on her Twitter.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is often called the Japanese Gaga for her quirky and eccentric fashion sense, but this time she posted a picture that made her look like she came from a well off high class family.

Kyary can be seen sporting a long and nicely trimmed wig with a navy blue blazer, white cardigan, and red plaid skirt. Her school uniform cosplay resembled that of AKB48.

Kyary tweeted, If I were in AKB I guess this is what it would be like?

To which online users replied, This isjust so cute, You get two votes from me, and I would vote for yooou!

Many fans praised her uniform cosplay and even more brought up comments about how they would vote for her in AKB48s Senbatsu General Election.

Source & Image: Model Press


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