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Oshima Yuko hopes to become a leading actress

June 22, 2012 @ 9:55 am
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On June 21st, AKB48s Oshima Yuko declared on her blog, I hope to become a leading actress someday.

Oshima recently finished up her drama Kaeru no Oujo-sama on which she plays the supporting character Mahiru. She commented, Through challenges and courage, I was able to meet Mahiru who learned the power to change, and she gave me, Oshima Yuko, a lot of motivation as well. This particular drama involves singing, and Oshima also commented on that as a singer, In regards to singing, my awareness has changed. To be able to convey a message, I first have to be able to feel what the song is saying.

Oshima also talked about the encouragement lead actress Amami Yuki gave to her, It was such a privilege [working with Amami Yuki]! I learned so many things from her (>_<.) I havent thought much about this until now, but I also want to have a leading role someday and become someone like Amami-san

Fans left an assortment of encouraging comments on her blog, From now on I will support actress Oshima Yuko and AKBs Oshima Yuko, I look forward to seeing Yuko grow from her experience in dramas! and I look forward to seeing the great actress Yuko. Ill be waiting for Yuko-chans leading drama (^O^).

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