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School Food Punishment officially announces disbandment

June 12, 2012 @ 1:12 am
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On June 11th, School Food Punishment, who has been on an indefinite hiatus since this February, announced through their official website that with their vocalist Uchimura Yumi leaving, School Food Punishment as a group will officially disband.

"SFP is really warped and distorted, so I think because of that, we were able to make CDs of wonderful music," explained Uchimura about the details leading up to her decision to leave the band. "I wanted to stop making those wonderful things while they were [still] beautiful, so I talked with the staff and the members [of the band] about disbanding, and it ended up taking the form of a temporary hiatus."

As for her life after separating from the band, Uchimura stated, "I've come to know so many different things, too, like the things that are important to me, and what I'd like to do in my musical career following this. As a result of that, I decided to leave SFP. It's important to me, so I'll continue singing. I'd be happy if we could meet again somewhere."

The band consisted of Uchimura (vocals), Yamasaki Hideaki (bass), Hasuo Masayuki (keyboard), and Hidai Osamu (drums), and made their major debut with the single "futuristic imagination" in 2009. School Food Punishment's highest charting album was their 2010 record "amp-reflection". Following the announcement that the band has dissolved, their official website has also been closed.

Source: Oricon


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