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Posted by 0 pt Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Aragaki Yui & Tsumabuki Satoshi promote the new Canon 'EOS M'


On July 23rd, Canon presented their new mirror-less, interchangeable lens camera 'EOS M' at a PR event in Tokyo and introduced actress Aragaki Yui and actor Tsumabuki Satoshi as their communication partners for the camera. Furthermore, they revealed that the theme song for the new CMs will be a cover of the The Beatles' "Hello Goodbye" sung by Kimura Kaela.

The Canon EOS series is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The 'EOS M' will be Canon's first mirror-less camera. Despite its small size and light weight, its photo quality is said to be on par with a DSLR camera, and with its interchangeable lens, you are able to utilize Canon's great line-up of 60 different EF lenses for your satisfaction.

Tsumabuki, who went to the Seto Inland Sea for the filming of the CM, commented, "It felt like the staff and I went on a trip together."

Aragaki went to Hokkaido and commented with a smile, "I was able to feel completely at ease surrounded by Mother Nature."

"Cameras are vital for creating a role." Tsumabuki is no stranger of cameras in general, but it was the first time for him to get his hands on a mirror-less digital camera. He was astonished by its performance and stated, "It's really difficult to preserve the scenery you can see with your eyes in a photo, but this camera can do just that and captures even the things you can't see. Up until now, taking photos always felt like 'excising memories', but now it feels like 'enjoying memories' to me. Even such trivial memories of someone like me can be embellished with this camera."

Aragaki agreed with him and added, "I thought it would be no match for the naked eye, but it's really taking photos more beautifully than the naked eye can see. Moreover, it's very light and easy to use for women." For the CM she also had to try exchanging the lens for close-up photos or for photographing the vast scenery in all its glory. "I came for the casual landscape and gradually I became more interested in discovering the things you tend to overlook. You can beautifully preserve the passing scenery with this camera."

Finally Tsumabuki appealed to the public, "Your heart becomes soft and memories become vivid, when you look at the photo albums with pictures that were taken by your parents during your childhood. A camera is like a companion in your life. It can preserve every single moment in your life as a memory."

The 'EOS M' is planned to go on sale in September.

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Source: eiga.com

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