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Cast of 'Waratte Iitomo!' to lend their voices for anime 'Sazae-san'

July 12, 2012 @ 9:37 pm
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On July 11th, it was revealed that the cast of 'Waratte Iitomo!' will be lending their voices for Fuji TV's anime series, 'Sazae-san'.

This collaboration was put into effect as a special project for the station's annual summer program, 'FNS 27-Hour TV', which will be hosted by Tamori. 'Waratte Iitomo!' cast membersSashihara Rino (HKT48), Becky, Rola, Yanagihara Kanako, and Watanabe Naomi will be making an appearance in the anime as themselves. They recently held a recording in Tokyo for an episode where they meet the Isono family at the beach.

Tamori was impressed to see an anime character of himself dressed in an aloha shirt. "I'm honored because I never thought I'd get to meet Sazae-san," he commented. Meanwhile, Sashihara exclaimed, "There is no chance like this!"

'FNS 27-Hour TV' will take place from July 21st at 6:30 pm to the 22nd at 8:54 pm. This episode of 'Sazae-san' will air on the 22nd around 6:30 pm.

Check out the cast of 'Waratte Iitomo!' as characters in 'Sazae-san' below!

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