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CHEMISTRY's Kawabata Kaname to go solo in October

July 17, 2012 @ 9:08 pm
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It has just been revealed that Kawabata Kaname of CHEMISTRY, the group which have been on hiatus since April, will be making his solo debut with the single "TOKYO GIRL" on October 3rd.

Kawabata, who is finally making his solo debut after eleven years of activities in CHEMISTRY, wanted to make the title track of his debut single a CD version of song that is popular during their live performances, and asked his fans through Twitter which song they would like to hear. The results were taken in by his record company once the short poll was over, and the winner was the song "TOKYO GIRL", an upbeat dance tune that Kawabata had performed in his 'solo corner' of CHEMISTRY's live performance as well as during his first solo tour last year.

"It's been a dream of mine [to go solo] since I made my debut [in CHEMISTRY], so I'm very happy to be able to making it come true," said Kawabata excitedly about his first solo single. "I'd like to transcend the borders between genres and try all kinds of different music without forgetting my sense of poetry as a solo singer. Right now, every day is fresh and fun for me."

In addition to going solo, Kawabata made his acting debut in the Mukai Osamu-led drama "Hungry!" earlier this spring, and even made his first appearance in a play in the stage recitation adaptation of the animated movie "Summer Wars".

Stay tuned for more on "TOKYO GIRL" here on tokyohive!

Source + Image: Oricon


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