'Eien no Zero' reveals additional cast members

July 1, 2012 @ 10:25 pm
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On July 1st, the additional cast members for Yamazaki Takashi's upcoming live-action adaptation of Hyakuta Naoki's best-selling novel 'Eien no Zero' have been revealed.

'Eien no Zero' will starV6'sOkada Junichi and follows a young man as he tries to find out more about his grandfather who died during the Pacific War as a Kamikaze pilot. Just like its story, which spans from the actual events that happened during the war until the present-day Japan, the movie features a stellar cast from up-and-coming young actors to well-known veterans.

Okada plays Miyabe, the grandfather who died during the war, while Inoue Mao plays his wife. Miura Haruma portrays the young man Kentaro, who has the urge to find out more about his grandfather. Miyabe had an astute ability as a pilot of fighter planes, but he was extraordinarily afraid of death. His two grandchildren started wondering why he applied for the Kamikaze corps. Revealing Miyabe's unexpected title of "genius yet coward", they unveil a surprising fact which has been sealed for over 60 years. So much for the cast which was already revealed with the movie's initial announcement.

Now it was revealed who are playing Miyabe's comrades in arms. Two fellow Zero fighter plane pilots are portrayed by Hamada Gaku (young) and Hashizume Isao (old), as well as Arai Hirofumi (young) and Tanaka Min (old). The role of a reserve officer is played Miura Takahiro (young) and Yamamoto Gaku (old). Other roles include Sometani Shota and KAT-TUN's Ueda Tatsuya as two more comrades in arms of Miyabe, Natsuyagi Isao as Kentaro's second grandfather, Hira Mikijiro as another former Zero fighter plane crew member, Fukiishi Kazue as Kentaro's older sister, and Fubuki Jun as Kentaro's mother.

The movie is coming with a lot of expectations, since Yamazaki has already proven of his ability to faithfully capture a whole generation on film with his trilogy 'ALWAYS San-chome no Yuhi'. He is even using a model of a Zero fighter plane true to its original proportions, which alone is said to have taken 20 people and one and a half months to be built. The filming of this large-scale production already began on June 14th and will lead the cast and staff to locations in Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, on the island of Amami Oshima, and more. Compared to other recent Japanese productions, this one is also going to consume quite a time for the filming alone, occupying all of the actors until mid-September.

'Eien no Zero' is scheduled to open in cinemas nationwide sometime in 2013.

Sources: eiga.com, Cinema Today


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