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KAT-TUN to provide the theme song for upcoming drama "Dragon Seinendan"

July 7, 2012 @ 4:51 am
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KAT-TUN, who released their newest single TO THE LIMIT last month to favorable reviews, will provide the theme song for MBS/TBSs drama Dragon Seinendan, which will start this month.

Dragon Seinendan stars Yasuda Shota, who is a member of Kanjani 8, and is Yasudas first solo serial drama. The drama tells the story of the opening of a door that takes one away from daily life into a fantasy. Ueda Makoto, the chairman of Europe Kikaku troupe, wrote the script and directed the drama together with Miki Takahiro, who is known for the hit movies Solanin and "Bokura ga Ita; and Matsui Daigo, who became a hot topic from the movie version of Afro Tanaka. Aside from Yasuda, the cast includes Renbutsu Misako, Endo Kaname, Honda Chikara, Araki Yuko, and Yusuke Santamaria.

KAT-TUNs new song Fumetsu no Scrum will be used as the theme song for the drama, but an announcement regarding the release for the song has not been made at this moment. The drama will begin airing on July 14th at 12:55 AM on TBS and on July 19th at 12:55 AM on MBS, so those interested in their new song should check out the drama!

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