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Kitano Takeshi's 'Outrage Beyond' to be shown at the Venice Film Festival

July 27, 2012 @ 3:36 am
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On July 25th, it was revealed that Kitano Takeshi's latest film, 'Outrage Beyond', will be shown at the '69th Venice International Film Festival' starting August 29th.The first of this series, 'Outrage', was also shown at the '63rd Cannes International Film Festival' back in 2010.

Kitano has been deeply involved with the Venice Film Festival during his career, as this marks his 8th film to be shown in the festival. Previously, he's won the Golden Lion (Best Film) with 'HANA-BI' in 1997, and the Silver Lion (Best Director) with 'Zatoichi' in 2003.

"I'm even more excited to see the audience's reaction than the previous film's screening atCannes," Kitano expressed. Meanwhile, producer Mori Masayuki commented, "We'll be advancing to the finals one step ahead of the London Olympics."

As Beat Takeshi, Kitano plays one of the main characters in 'Outrage Beyond'. It's scheduled to open in theaters across Japan on October 6th.

Source & Image: Sanspo


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