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Posted by ustar TH STAFF Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kobukuro announces best-of album + free live event


Kobukuro has announced that they will be releasing their 2nd best-of album, "ALL SINGLES BEST 2", on September 5th!

The duo was on hiatus from August of last year to this April for†Kobuchi Kentaro (Vo, G) was diagnosed with Dystonia and required at least a 6-month recovery period. Kuroda Shunsuke was also receiving treatment for his lower back pain and throat fatigue.

'ALL SINGLES BEST 2' will include Kobukuro's 2007 single "Tsubomi", collaboration songs with Ayaka, "WINDING ROAD" and "Anata to", as well as a new version of "Kokoro no Hane". It will also contain new songs titled "Takibi no You na Uta" and "Koukyoukyoku Dai 5296 Ban".

The album will be released in 3 different versions: Limited Edition A (CD+DVD), Limited Edition B (CD+DVD), and Regular Edition. Limited Edition A will come with a DVD containing music videos from Kobukuro's debut song "YELL" to their latest "Ano Taiyou ga, Kono Sekai wo Terashi Tsuzukeru You ni.". Meanwhile, the DVD for Limited Edition B will be a compilation of the duo's live footage.

Additionally Kobukuro will be holding a free live event called 'FAN'S MADE LIVE' on September 9th at Banpaku Kinen Park East Square in Osaka. Although this is considered a free live, there will be a participation fee of 1,000 yen, which will cover the park and facility fees.

Check out the track list below!




01. Tsubomi
02. Kazamidori
03. Aoku Yasashiku
04. Toki no Ashioto
05. Akai Ito
06. Betelgeuse
07. Niji
08. Summer rain
09. STAY
10. WINDING ROAD (Ayaka◊Kobukuro)
11. Anata to (Ayaka◊Kobukuro)


01. Ryusei
02. Blue Bird
03. Kimi e no Shudaika
04. Ano Taiyou ga, Kono Sekai wo Terashi Tsuzukeru You ni.
05. Silhouette
06. Mitsubachi
07. Takibi no You na Uta
08. Kokoro no Hane
09. Taiyou no Melody (Imai Miki◊Kobuchi Kentaro with Hotei Tomoyasu+Kuroda Shunsuke)
10. Koukyoukyoku Dai 5296 Ban

DVD (Limited Edition A Only)

01. YELL
02. Wadachi
03. YOU
04. Kaze
05. Negai no Uta
06. Yuki no Furanai Machi
07. Takarajima
08. blue blue
09. DOOR
10. Eien to Tomo ni
11. Million Films
12. Koko ni Shika Sakanai Hana
13. Sakura
14. Kimi to Iu Na no Tsubasa
15. Mirai e no Kaerimichi
16. Tsubomi
17. Aoku Yasashiku
18. Toki no Ashioto
19. Akai Ito
20. Betelgeuse
21. Niji
22. STAY
23. Ryusei
24. Blue Bird
25. Ano Taiyou ga, Kono Sekai wo Terashi Tsuzukeru You ni.
26. WINDING ROAD (Ayaka◊Kobukuro)
27. Anata to (Ayaka◊Kobukuro)

Live CD DISC 1 (Limited Edition B Only)

01. Kimi to Iu Na no Tsubasa (from 2006.12.3 Nagoya Rainbow Hall)
02. Anata e to Tsuzuku Michi (from 2006.12.3 Nagoya Rainbow Hall)
03. Koko ni Shika Sakanai Hana (from 2006.12.3 Nagoya Rainbow Hall)
04. Maiasa, Boku no Yoko ni Ite. -Sweet drip mix- (from 2004.12.26 Osaka-jo Hall)
05. Million Films (from 2008.6.5 Osaka-jo Hall)
06. Eien to Tomo ni (from 2008.9.6 Wakayama Kimiidera Athletics Park)
07. blue blue (from 2003.12.30 Osaka-jo Hall)
08. Takarajima (from 2006.12.3 Nagoya Rainbow Hall)
09. Yuki no Furanai Machi (from 2006.12.3 Nagoya Rainbow Hall)
10. Negai no Uta (from 2006.12.3 Nagoya Rainbow Hall)

Live CD DISC 2 (Limited Edition B Only)

01. Kaze (from 2006.12.3 Nagoya Rainbow Hall)
02. YOU (from 2003.4.27 Shibuya Kokaido)
03. miss you (from 2003.4.27 Shibuya Kokaido)
04. YELL (from 2008.9.6†Wakayama Kimiidera Athletics Park)
05. Bell (from 2009.3.22 Wakayama Big Whale)
06. Wadachi (from 2008.6.5 Osaka-jo Hall)
07. DOOR (from 2006.12.3 Nagoya Rainbow Hall)
08. Taiyou (from 2003.4.27 Shibuya Kokaido)
09. Sakura (from 2008.6.5 Osaka-jo Hall)
10. Mirai e no Kaerimichi (from 2006.12.3 Nagoya Rainbow Hall)

Source & Image: natalie

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